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We Only Grow  Mushrooms!
Products for healthy living and nutrition with cross-country delivery.  All grown in  Brougham, Ontario Canada at our mushroom growing  facility.
Ontario Mushroom Inc.
The Farm
We are passionate about mushrooms!
Our Mission

Our Mission

Ontario Mushroom’s Inc. mission is to provide the best Mushroom’s and customer service. Click here to see our vision and mission and...

Care and Handling

Care and Handling

The secret to beautiful long-lasting mushrooms is proper care and handling. Click here to learn more.

The Growing Process

The Growing Process

Our custom-designed facility is equipped with the tools and space needed to support our growing company. Click to learn more.

Health Benefits
Products for healthy living

Kicks Up Your Metabolism

They have very few calories so they make the perfect diet food.

Increases Your Vitamin D

Mushrooms can provide as much vitamin D as a health supplement.

Boosts Your Immune System

Rich in polysaccharides, which help maintain a healthy immune system.

Good for Your Bladder

Many varieties of mushrooms contain selenium which is good for your bladder.

Gives You Antioxidants

Mushrooms contain unusually high amounts of many antioxidants.

Improves Your Heart Health

Mushrooms may promote immune function by increasing the production of antiviral and other proteins.

Did you know?
We supply fresh and beautiful mushrooms

Did you know?

Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.

Did you know?

Mushrooms have their own immune system.

Did you know?

Earth was covered by giant mushrooms before trees overtook the land.

Did you know?

The mushroom is a very nutritious food. Differing species can be a good source of vitamin B along with essential minerals such as copper and potassium.

Did you know?

While fat, carbohydrates and salt content is very low.

Did you know?

There are a few mushroom varieties found in the wild that are highly poisonous.

Did you know?

A single King Oyster mushroom can contain more potassium than a banana.

Did you know?

The mushroom is used in many cuisines throughout the world and it is known as the ``meat`` of the vegetable world.
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Locally Grown Ontario Mushrooms

Delivery Services

If we don’t deliver when we promise, the delivery is free and the first delivery is always FREE! Ontario Mushroom’s Inc. also offers...

Certified Products

Our Mushrooms have passed quality assurance tests, and meet qualification criteria stipulated in contracts, regulations, or specifications.

Recycled Packages

Under a new target, 100% of Ontario Mushrooms’s packaging will be recyclable, compostable or reusable by 2021.